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What Is a Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis is a debilitating condition that happens when the tissue around one or both of your shoulders joints becomes inflamed, mainly affecting people between 40 to 60 years old.

There is a gradual and progressive stiffening of the affected tissues, leading to a significant reduction in movement. Over time, the stiffness and limited movement will cause the soft tissues and muscles around the shoulder joint to contract and shorten. It can take several months to regain the lost movement.

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Common Symptoms

It’s often not clear why people get a frozen shoulder and that movement is limited and painful as the tissue around your shoulder joint becomes inflamed. Symptoms will include some (if not all) of the following:

  • Aching pain in the outer shoulder area or upper arm.
  • Stiffness in motion.
  • Restricted movement.
  • Pain will not go away (sometimes for months and/or years)
  • Pain is often worse at night.

What Are The Treatments For Frozen Shoulder?

There are many cases of frozen shoulders and often we find the patient has an impingement which can be resolved quite nicely, and not taking an age to resolve.

MHV Clinic will analyse your structure, look at your lifestyle and also address consequential problems such as elbow or neck pain, pressure techniques, and stretching your soft tissues applying direct and also in direct techniques.

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I had a session with Rishi today...amazing and so friendly, informative and helpful. He has referred me to one of his team for ongoing treatments. Made me feel totally at ease. Feeling so much better already. He really knows his stuff! Don't delay getting those niggles seen to...the sooner you get them seen to the better!
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Sam Hyder
I’ve seen Poonam, Christie and Warren and have enjoyed all of my sessions. Each of them have their own style and approach to treatment but the one thing they have in common is results. Any time I’ve gone in with an ache or a pain they’ve managed to work the problem at the cause and alleviate it. I’ve told all my friends and family to book in an appointment as couldn’t recommend them enough!
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Priya Bhayani
I saw Nick last Saturday and the treatment was great. He doesn't mess around! I'm looking forward to seeing him again next week. I've seen around 10 Chiropractors/Osteopaths/Physios in my lifetime — he is the best. I highly recommend Nick.
MHV Osteopathy Treatments London
James Shapiro

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