Warren Prentis

Mr. Warren Prentis

Registered Osteopath

I am an osteopath specialising in biomechanical musculoskeletal injury cases with an interest in accelerated recovery, rehabilitation. My aim with my clients is to get to the bottom of their issues quickly, and help them with their recovery. My hands-on skills are my strength, closely followed by my knowledge of exercise physiology and rehabilitation.

 I come from a strong sports background where I have competed in Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby, Football and Swimming. This has given me a thorough understanding of the required demands the body goes through and the stress we apply on our body. I have a keen interest in sports injuries as well as other Musculoskeletal injuries.


I have worked with high profile celebrities, including a wide range of professional athletes throughout their training camps and post competition. I provide a fully comprehensive service as an osteopath that not only resolves injuries and other problems, but educates you about your own body. Using up-to-date techniques and equipment, I strive to identify any underlying causes of problems and target these with a combination of modern techniques, lifestyle management and fully integrated rehabilitation protocols, where necessary.